Will Leitch

Will Leitch is a senior writer for Sports on Earth and hosts the daily podcast "The Will Leitch Experience." He's also a contributing editor for New York Magazine and was the founding editor of Deadspin. More»

Shaun Powell

Shaun Powell is a staff writer for Sports on Earth, covering the NBA and other sports. He brings more than 25 years of experience and has worked for a variety of newspaper, broadcast and digital outlets. More»

Mike Tanier

Mike Tanier is a staff writer for Sports on Earth, with a focus on the NFL. He joined Football Outsiders in 2005 and co-authored Pro Football Prospectus from 2005-08 and the Football Outsiders Almanac from 2009-12. His weekly "Walkthrough" column was an eclectic mix of jokes, statistical analysis, strategy diagrams, historical research and pop-culture references. More»

Chuck Culpepper

As a nomad all but stateless, staff writer Chuck Culpepper has resided in all three of the countries that begin with "United" -- United States, United Kingdom and United Arab Emirates -- as well as, for a big chunk of 2009, in Paris, still No. 1 on his top 25 of earthly cities. More»

Patrick Hruby

Patrick Hruby is a writer for Sports on Earth. An adjunct professor at Georgetown University, he contributes to The Atlantic online and Washingtonian magazine, and previously he wrote for The Washington Times and ESPN.com. More»

Michael Weinreb

Michael Weinreb is a contributing writer for Sports on Earth and the author of a short-story collection and two books of non-fiction: "The Kings of New York," and "Bigger Than the Game." He has written for ESPN, The New York Times, GQ and Grantland. More»

Jonathan Bernhardt

Jonathan Bernhardt is a contributing writer for Sports on Earth. His work has previously appeared in Baseball Prospectus, The Classical, and ESPN's SweetSpot Network. Born in central Maryland, Bernhardt currently lives in the New York metropolitan area and on Twitter, much of which still thinks of him as an angry, violent bird. More»

Leigh Montville

Leigh Montville is contributing writer for Sports on Earth and the author of eight books, mostly biographies, on subjects that range from baseball greats Ted Williams and Babe Ruth, to NASCAR champion Dale Earnhardt, 7-foot-7 basketball player Manute Bol, motorcycle daredevil Evel Knievel and the Mysterious Mantague, a forgotten golfer from the '30s. More»

Dave Kindred

Dave Kindred is a contributing writer for Sports on Earth. He is a winner of sports journalism's highest honor, the Red Smith Award, given by the Associated Press Sports Editors for lifetime achievement in the craft. He is a member of the National Sportscasters and Sportswriters Association Hall of Fame. More»

Matt Brown

Matt Brown is producer/reporter for Sports on Earth, writing primarily about college football and basketball. Prior to joining the staff in 2012, he worked for a year as the research assistant to Joe Posnanski for the book "Paterno." Follow him on Twitter @MattBrownSoE. More»

Selena Roberts

Selena Roberts, an award-winning sportswriter and New York Times best-selling author, is a contributing writer for Sports on Earth and the founder of Roopstigo Mobile Sports Network, an app for tablets and smartphones that launched in October 2012. More»

Joe DeLessio

Joe DeLessio is a senior producer at New York Magazine's website, nymag.com. He formerly served as nymag.com's sports editor, and has written for Grantland, Fast Company and BuzzFeed. Follow him on Twitter @joedelessio. More»

Howard Megdal

Howard Megdal is a contributing writer for Sports on Earth and Writer At Large for Capital New York. He has also written for The New York Times, New York Magazine, ESPN.com, Salon and numerous other publications. His books include "The Baseball Talmud," "Taking the Field" and "Wilpon's Folly." You can follow Howard on Twitter @HowardMegdal. More»

Colin McGowan

Colin McGowan is a writer and comedian living in Chicago and is a contributing editor for Sports on Earth. He edits at Cavs: The Blog and Cokemachineglow, and his work has appeared on Deadspin, The Classical, and Salon. Follow him on Twitter @cs_mcgowan. More»

Jack Moore

Jack Moore is a contributing writer for Sports on Earth. He is also a regular contributor to The Score, CBSSports.com and Advanced NFL Stats. His writing has also appeared in FanGraphs, The Classical, Baseball Prospectus, and other sites across the internet. Follow him on Twitter at @jh_moore. More»

Matthew Kory

Matthew Kory is a contributing writer at Sports on Earth. He also writes at Baseball Prospectus and SB Nation and has contributed to "The Baseball Prospectus Annual 2013" and the "Hall of Nearly Great." Follow him on Twitter @mattymatty2000. More»

Peter Richmond

Peter Richmond has a B.A in philosophy from Yale, was awarded a journalism fellowship at Harvard, and, in between, dropped out of auto-mechanic school just before being expelled. He's published a half-dozen books and his stories have been featured in 13 anthologies, including Best Sportswriting of the Twentieth Century. "Lord of the Rings," his biography of Phil Jackson, will be in stores in mid-December, and his Young Adult novel, "Aways a Catch," will be published next fall. More»

Aaron Gordon

Aaron Gordon is a contributing writer at Sports on Earth. He has also written for The Classical, Buzzfeed and Pacific Standard. Although he currently lives in Washington, D.C., his heart will always be with the Hartford Whalers. He also tweets a lot @A_W_Gordon. More»

Jorge Arangure

Jorge Arangure Jr. is a freelance sportswriter based out of Brooklyn, New York. He is a contributing writer for The New York Times and SB Nation Longform. He was previously a staff writer at ESPN and The Washington Post. He was born in Tijuana, Mexico, grew up in San Diego, and attended The University of Southern California and Syracuse University. More»

Tomas Rios

Tomas Rios is a contributing writer for Sports on Earth. His writing has appeared in Deadspin, The Classical, Slate, The Score and Pacific Standard. Follow him on Twitter @TheTomasRios. More»

Jeb Lund

Jeb Lund wrote the "America's Screaming Conscience" column for Gawker, covered the MLB Winter Meetings for SBNation, and has contributed to GQ,The New Republic and Vice. He is the founder of the blog Et tu, Mr. Destructo? and you can follow him on Twitter @Mobute. More»

Dan Pompei

Dan Pompei has covered more than 500 National Football League games, including 27 Super Bowls.He is one of 46 members on Pro Football Hall of Fame selectors board and one of nine members on the seniors committee. He was given the 2013 Dick McCann Award by the Pro Football Writers of America for long and distinguished reporting in the field of pro football. More»

Susan Elizabeth Shepard

Susan Elizabeth Shepard is a writer who lives in Austin, Texas. Her first sports memory is of the Rice Owls' marching band, The Mob, performing a Rambo parody at halftime of a game against the University of Texas Longhorns. Interests include Dan Jenkins and Nancy Dowd. She is on Twitter and her other writing is here. More»

Michael Pina

Michael Pina is a contributing writer for Sports on Earth. He lives in Los Angeles, covering the NBA for Fox Sports, ESPN's TrueHoop Network and Bleacher Report. His work has also appeared in Boston Magazine, Grantland, The Classical and various other publications. Give him a follow, at the highly original @MichaelVPina. More»

Sean Highkin

Sean Highkin is a contributing writer for Sports on Earth and has written for USA Today, ESPN, The Classical, and other outlets. A Portland native living in Chicago, Sean is well-versed in the anatomy of the knee out of necessity. Follow him on Twitter at @highkin. More»

Seerat Sohi

Seerat Sohi is a writer for Sports on Earth, covering the NBA while fending off wild hyenas in the musky tundras of Edmonton, Alberta. Her writing has also appeared in ESPN, Complex's Triangle Offense, Hardwood Paroxysm and Bleacher Report. You can follow Seerat on Twitter at @DamianTrillard. More»

Dirk Hayhurst

Dirk Hayhurst is a former pitcher who spent nearly a decade in professional baseball between MiLB and MLB. He is also a best selling author, and has appeared on Baseball America, Bleacher Report, Deadspin, The Score, ESPN, TBS' MLB postseason broadcasts, Sportsnet Canada and more. More from Dirk at www.dirkhayhurst.com. Follow him on twitter at @thegarfoose. More»

Wendy Thurm

Wendy Thurm is a contributing writer at Sports on Earth. She also writes regularly for FanGraphs. Her writing has appeared on ESPN, SBNation, The Classical, The Score and in San Francisco Magazine. Follow her on Twitter @hangingsliders. More»